Stop Adding Chemicals To Your Pet's Diet!

by Simply Natural Chews by Homescape Pets

You already know this but it still needs to be said: Your cat or dog DOES NOT need chemicals in their food, treats, or supplements. They need chemical-free, simple, effective, and affordable foods, treats, and supplements. That's it.


They don't need artificial or "natural" flavors. We're looking at you "bacon-flavor" and "natural peanut-butter flavored". If you need a little flavor boost to entice your pet, try giving them REAL bacon, a little bacon grease, or REAL peanut butter. It's healthier and cheaper than "flavored" products. One of the peanut butter brands that we love is Spread The Love. They offer organic, super-spreadable peanut butter that contains nothing but peanuts. It's not only tasty for your whole family, but it's also safe for pets (as long as they don't have a nut allergy).

They don't need preservatives. With a little research, you can feed your pet without fillers and preservatives for roughly the same price as processed kibble. You can look into great companies like Sojos Pet Food for freeze dried raw meals or buy meats and bones from your local grocery store when they're on sale and have them ground for you right there at the meat department. Then add veggies, egg, and healthy fats for natural nutrients. Freeze in portions. Serve, then pat yourself on the back for improving your pet's health and saving money.

Treats don't need extra ingredients. Are you looking for easy, convenient, delicious treats and chews for your cat or dog? We offer air-dried single-source protein chews and treats like beef tendons, pig ears, beef hide rolls, chicken hearts, and more. Single-ingredient treats like these allow you to know exactly what's going into your pet's system. You can also find healthy single-ingredient treats like beef lung, turkey hearts, sweet potatoes, or minnows at your local pet store. All can be found at your local grocery or pet store. If you're feeling ambitious, you can even dehydrate your own meats, sweet potatoes, or veggies for inexpensive, homemade goodies.

If your pet enjoys a cookie-type treat, look no further than Simply Sage Dog Treats. Chloe creates limited ingredient, organic baked treats with human grade ingredients that are not only delicious, but they're healthy too! She makes treats like Blueberry Mint, Carrot Turmeric, and Sweet Potato Chamomile. Yum!  (And yes, we tried them, so we can say with certainty that they're delicious.)

It's important to us that your pet get the same quality of life that YOU get. Human grade food, supplements, and treats should be the norm. That's what we offer here at Simply Natural Chews and Homescape Pets. Biologically appropriate real meat chews and treats for healthy physical and mental strength. Chemical-free, organic, effective, and affordable supplements with whole herbs for whole body health. Let's love our pets. Reach out to us if you need help finding clean, safe, chemical-free products for your furry companion. We're always happy to help!