About Simply Natural Chews

Simply Natural Chews  - Behind the Brand


Hi & welcome to Simply Natural Chews! We’re Nana & Marcus, from Austin TX. Our dogs are Quinn & Minnie-May.

In recognizing that true pet wellness requires both physical and mental health, we created Simply Natural Chews for your cats and dogs. They’re air-dried, single ingredient chews that provide mental stimulation as well as dense nutrition and essential minerals and vitamins. Each of our chews provides a healthy, protein-rich option for keeping your dog or cat mentally engaged and satisfied. What pet parent doesn’t get excited to see their pet enjoying a new treat?

Our parent company, Homescape Pets, offers simple, limited ingredient, all-natural pet supplements for adult & senior dogs/cats. Our emphasis is on helping to alleviate the aches, inflammation, anxiety, and mobility that become common as our furry companions begin to age.

We started Homescape Pets after losing our first schnauzer, Beau to cancer. Towards the end, we knew we couldn’t SAVE her life, but we could give her a better QUALITY of life. That included less hard-core drugs and more of what nature provides.

With the help of some amazing integrative veterinarians, we are creating simple, all-natural, hemp & CBD-based pet supplements and single-ingredient chews. Our goal is to keep your pet healthy and living longer, NATURALLY.


• We’ve been married 6 years. Our pups are our kids.

• I’m 5’3 and he’s 6’6, but most days I’m pretty certain we’re the same height. (I’m tall in my mind).

• Quinn is 4 and we think she’s a beagle-shepherd-hound-something. We adopted her from Austin Animal Center. She’s the most athletic, affectionate, and tender-hearted girl. She eats EVERYTHING except lettuce. I think it makes her angry.

• Minnie is a 2-year old mini-schnauzer. We got her from a breeder in Colorado. (I’m a sucker for schnauzers.) Minnie is incredibly playful and agile. There’s nothing she won’t jump over or climb under. She’s the vigilant watcher of anything that moves. Every window has her nose-print and she knows everything going on in our neighborhood. Nosy.

• Beau was almost 13 when cancer took her. When she was 4, I adopted her from a high-kill shelter in Las Vegas. She traveled the country with me for years in her little duffle bag. Road trips were her favorite but only if she got the front seat. She preferred that passengers sit in the back. Thanks to my parents, she would dance for expensive cheese and Boar’s Head deli meats. She was a snack snob. Thanks mom. 

• We moved to Colorado in 2017 and learned in-depth about the CBD industry. What better place to learn about it than the state where cannabis was first legalized? We spent 2 years visiting hemp farms, learning from hemp scientists and CBD-friendly veterinarians, learning the legal aspects of a hemp business, selecting our perfect hemp strains, and testing our products in CBD specific labs.  We took that knowledge, created Homescape Pets and moved back home to Austin in 2020.

• We’ve moved 5 times in 7 years. Each time, we make our house into our little homestead, ensuring that our dogs are comfortable, plants are growing, and our surroundings are personalized. We create the landscape of our lives. Homestead & Landscape = HOMESCAPE.

We'd love to hear about you and your pets. You can find us on Instagram and Facebook @SimplyNaturalChews and @HomescapePets or feel free to email us at: Chews@HomescapePets.com