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Air-dried, long-lasting chews for your furry family member. In addition to the physical benefits, the act of chewing provides mental stimulation to keep them relaxed. Mental engagement and enrichment are key to having healthy, relaxed, well-adjusted pets.


Like all of our products, these treats are 100% fresh meat. They're delicious, quick bites guaranteed to make your pet happy. These high-value treats are perfect for training or adding as a tasty addition to their meal. Excellent for taking on the go as a nutrient-dense option for hiking, travel days, and anytime you're away from home!


These chews and treats are perfect for senior dogs and cats. Those with reduced jaw strength and who may need a slightly softer chew. They are packed with natural chondroitin and glucosamine to help strengthen joints and improve mobility.


These chews and treats are smaller, softer, and perfect for cats, puppies or smaller dogs, and those pets who are missing a few (or all) of their teeth. Your pet can chew/gum them until they're softer. They are also easily rehydrated back to their raw state, which creates a chewier consistency, softer texture, and an appealing aroma!